Information Centric Networking Platform

Installation Manual

This document describes the basic installation and operation procedures of Cefore software. Users should first read this document.

Configuration Manual

This document is the configuration manual of Cefore software. Users do not need to configure/change any parameters in the configuration files if they run Cefore daemons with the default values.

Daemon Manual

This document describes how to run cefnetd daemon, which is a forwarding daemon, and csmgrd daemon, which is a daemon enabling in-network cache using its on-memory or own UNIX filesystem. Users can run csmgrd daemon if they build csmgrd as well as cefnetd.

Tool Manual

This document describes the tools and utilities included in Cefore software package.

Tutorial Documents

(written in Japanese)

The Cefore hands-on workshops have been coordinated every summer by the IEICE Technical Committee on ICN since 2017. The tutorial documents (written in Japanese) are available on the webpage. To participate in the upcoming workshop, please visit the commiittee's webpage.

Cefore Plug-in Development Guide

Users who want to develop original functions/mechanisms for cefnetd and/or csmgrd should read this document (in preparation). they may be able to simply embed their own "plug-in" libraries without changing cefnetd/csmgrd codes.

CUTEi Testbed Users Guide

It is possible to experiment Cefore in a large-scale network. CUTEi is the ICN testbed on which Cefore is running. For the detail information, download from this link (in preparation).